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Minna san.....HELP ME PLEASE m(_ _)m

I hate this.....I just change & edit my LJ SKIN.......but there're some problems T_T

- I hate those advertisements......I want to move them at the bottom of my LJ or at least more right side

- I think all my entries are not right in the middle of the purple box

-There's also no user pics @ my whole entries in purple box

- My calendar.....there's no dates WTH T_T

- My Friends entries------->run off from the purple box & doesn't have image as background

Could anyone know how  to solve those problems???

Domo arigatou gozaimashita     <3<3<3       

Tacchon : Thx for your help ^_^, wanna eat??? this is UMAIII !!!!!!

Uchi : Arigatou~~mmmmhhh~~~~I'm more kawaiii than him rite???

Pics credit : everyone on net.......gomen,I forgot from where I grabbed them XD

Tags: my ljskin

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